Depression, Anxiety, and Chester Bennington

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 24 hours, you have unquestionably heard about the suicide of Linkin Park’s singer Chester Bennington. As someone who personally suffers from anxiety and depression, I feel these tragedies very strongly. I want to dedicate this post not to building wealth and lifestyle, but to depression, anxiety, and the suicide of Chester.

First of all, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and anxiety disorder in March of 2016. I had noticed signs of anxiety since childhood. The depression came much later in life. Both for no apparent reason. I grew up in a great and loving family. I have never had any real problems. I have had it quite easy in a lot of ways, and I feel very thankful or blessed or whatever you want to call it. The biggest misconception of struggling with these mental illnesses is that people think that “you don’t have anything to be anxious or depressed about”. While you may not have anything going on in your life that would logically trigger these events, the feelings are no less real to you. Telling someone with anxiety or depression to “just cheer up” or “just quit worrying” is like telling the grass to just not be green or the sky to just not be blue. It does not work like that.

I am feeling pretty good as of late, this blog has given me something to be energized about. I have never truly had anything like this that was mine. It excites me and has no doubt helped me a lot as of late. But, I must be honest. In the last year and a half, suicide has crossed my mind before. It is not something that I like to talk about, and I am not looking for any sympathy. It is just a scary reality.

On the subject of Chester, we have a classic example of a celebrity who has a great family, makes a lot of money, and has fame, who still ends up taking their own life. What this tells us is that no amount of traditional “happiness” or “riches” can fix your own mind when you struggle with demons like this. Linkin Park’s recent song “Heavy” really hits home to me. Please check it out on YouTube or wherever you listen to your music. It is basically a cry for help, and anyone that struggles with the things that I do can relate to. Seriously, go give it a listen.

The other thing that inspired this personal post is an interview from a few months ago with Chester. I just viewed it minutes before firing up my laptop to write this. I’ll put the youtube link at the end of the post. It is an extremely recent interview with Chester. He does an amazing job letting you into the mind of someone who is going through a lot in their head. Demons that a lot of people could never understand. He talks about being around people helped him a lot with his issues, but the scary times were when he was alone with his mind and thoughts. I COMPLETELY understand that. He also says “this inner Chester wants to take me down”. Unfortunately and tragically, the inner Chester won the war.

I want to finish the post by saying the following, and I know to a lot of people it might sound cliche or whatever, but I really don’t care. If you have or are struggling with anxiety or depression or any other mental illness, get in touch with me. I will even give you personal contact information if you want to talk. You are so incredibly valuable, and even if you don’t believe it, the world would never be the same without you. In my opinion, anyone who talks down to anyone who has harmed themselves, or even just struggles with these illnesses, are some of the lowest forms of humanity. They are true classless bottom feeders. They don’t get it. But a lot of people do, including myself. Seriously, get a hold of me. I understand. Rest in Paradise, Chester. I am so sorry you felt the way you did. To everyone else, stay strong. You’ve got this.



Here is the link to the interview I was talking about. Go check it out, for real. It is extremely insightful.

5 thoughts on “Depression, Anxiety, and Chester Bennington

  1. Thank you for this post!
    No, people don’t get it. I have family prone to depression, and a sister who doesn’t get it. She thinks things are all very black and white, its on or its off, you do or you don’t, it is or it isnt. And many things in life are like that…….except depression isnt.

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    1. Rachel, I agree with you. There are a lot of people in my life that do not get it either. Thankfully, I have a few that do. Thank you for reading. Please share with anyone who you think it might help. 🙂


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