Be Hungry For Success: 9 Things To Think About

Let me first start out by reminding everyone of the potential that the internet really has for you. Right now, there are approximately 3.58 billion users worldwide. 3,580,000,000. That is roughly 47% of the global population.  How’s that for an audience? Okay, maybe that is a stretch. Let’s move down one level. There are around 2.2 billion Facebook users. How’s that for an audience? Do you think you could sell something to them, or provide some form of desirable service that would add value to their lives?  To the average mind, who cares? Those are interesting statistics at best. This attitude is what separates the average complacent Joe or Jessica or whatever other name you want to use. They are comfortable at their 9-5 job, making a mediocre income, living a mediocre life. They use social media every day, they buy things they need, and they buy things they don’t need.
Now I am sure you are wondering, “Alex, why should I care?”. Here’s why you should care, or at least why I care. You have the ability with the internet to create value, and promote your created value, for free. To an audience of 3.58 billion people. Or at least at no additional cost than you are already spending to be reading this in the first place.  Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of ways that you can do this more easily by investing money in marketing efforts, and that is a good idea. But, you don’t have to. Not in the beginning of the process, at least. We do not need to get into that aspect yet. Here are 9 things that you should think about if you are interested in thinking bigger than average people when it comes to making money and improving your life.

1.    Every New Concept Or Idea Sounds Dumb Or Scary At First.

I don’t know about you guys, but any time a new big thing (or small thing that turns into a big thing) comes out, people’s first reaction is to either be intimidated by it, or dismiss it as unnecessary, because up until that point, it wasn’t necessary, because it did not exist yet. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. Snapchat. Amazon. Uber. iPod. Bluetooth. CDs. Planes. Cars. Solar power. Space travel. I could go on. Basically, any game changer applies to this. Someone, somewhere dreamed bigger, and made something happen, and now we couldn’t live without it. Average people will think “geez, that’s cool and all, but I am not one of those people who could come up with something huge and meaningful”. Then you have the people who think big. The people who, instead, think “How can I create the next thing? Where is there a need, and how can it be addressed?”. These are the people that change the game.

2.    Making Money Is Just A Simple Transfer Of Value.

Think about it. When you order a new salt lamp from Amazon, and you pay for it, you traded your money (perceived as value) for a Himalayan salt lamp (perceived as value). You got value (a glowing orange rock), and they got money (value). Salt lamp was the first thing that came to my mind for whatever reason, but this applies with anything you could ever buy or pay for. What does it take to be on the other side of that equation? What does it take to be the one trading the thing for the money? I always thought that I could never come up with anything that had not already been thought of. I also thought that it would be impossible to create value for others that they would be willing to buy. But think about it for a minute. When there is something of value or that you need, do you hesitate to spend money on it? No. If you were on the other end of the table, and had something that people want or need, they would not hesitate to buy it. One of the biggest steps in this process is you realizing that if you have something of value, people will buy it! Create something that people want, and they will pull their wallets out. This CAN be done.

3.    There Are Approximately $215 Trillion Dollars Owned By People Worldwide.

How much of that would you need to live a life where you did not need to worry about money, and could live and travel like you have always dreamed? Is it a million dollars? If it is a million dollars (just as a round number), here is what that looks like compared to the $215 Trillion in the world. A million dollars is exactly 0.00000000465% of that number, small by comparison. The reason that a million dollars sounds so farfetched to you is that you are too busy thinking about the small numbers in your life, and not outside of the box. You legitimately do not think there is any way for you to EVER see a million dollars, and I know people who would never think they would see a lot less than that. This is just a simple difference in mindset. While some people are spending all their time thinking about how unfair it is that they hate their pathetic job and how much they hate being broke, someone else is out there thinking about how to design the next Hubble Telescope, or how if they made $1 off of four ten thousandths of one percent of the number of Facebook users, they would have a million dollars. Flip your viewpoint around, and look at money and life from the top down, not from the bottom up.

4.    Constantly Be Thinking Of Ways To Create Value.

Once you start grasping the reality that it is actually possible for you to see amounts of money that you never thought possible, you are ready for the next step. This step is completely free, and just takes your mind. While you are relaxing, driving, sitting at work, or doing whatever you do, start thinking about things that would be of valuable to others. Start this by thinking of what already is of value to people. What are some things that you think have changed the way we live our lives? Apple comes to mind for me, because I would be lost without my iPhone. What are most smartphones full of (other than bad memes)? Apps. all kinds of apps. Have you ever seen how many apps are available on the App Store? I’ll help you out, it is about 2,200,000. Did you know that some of these apps are created by people sitting on a computer or smartphone just like you? Did you know that they are made by uneducated people? This is just one example of a zillion opportunities to create something of value to other people. You do not have to be some hand chosen second coming of Christ to be able to achieve things. You are probably thinking thinking, “Alex, that sounds cool and all, but how on Earth am I supposed to be able to figure out how to program an app?”. I will answer that below in section 5.

5.    Be Aware Of How Much Free Educational Material Is Available On The Internet.

One word. YouTube. Do you realize that you can learn how to do literally anything in existence on YouTube for free? Or at least be able to educate yourself on any subject and get a better understanding of how anything works? And I am not talking about calculous, unless you’re just into that. I am talking about how to make an app. Ways to generate income by creating a website and driving traffic to it with Facebook or other social media platforms, and monetize your site with affiliate advertising from Amazon, or a bunch of other retail sites. You can literally do this ON YOUR COUCH IN YOUR UNDERWEAR. With the right self education and some hard work and discipline, people literally earn four, five, even six figures A MONTH by doing this stuff. There are tons of examples of this out there. I dare you to look into it. It is called creating a pipeline. You have a website, you produce valuable content that people are interested in looking at or reading, and you use affiliate links from whatever company you want to sell things (Amazon, Best Buy, Guitar Center, etc).

6. Avoid The Poor Mentality.

Attitude is the main thing that separates the rich from the poor. This does not mean that you have to actually be wealthy to have be rich in this sense. Rich and poor are mindsets here. Just like in section 3 when I talk about how a lot of people mope about their life. That is a poor mentality. Poor mentality is negative. Poor mentality is thinking about the little picture. Poor mentality is being pissed off at people who have it better than them. Poor mentality is a lot of people. People who gossip. People who view complaining about anything and everything as a suitable topic for conversation. People who need to abuse substances and achieve artificial highs to feel any satisfaction from life. People who buy things impulsively because it is not very expensive now, but fail to look at how much they spend in a week, month, or year on that thing (gas station snacks, fast food, cigarettes, beer, lottery tickets, etc). Poor mentality people eat every meal out. They rarely grocery shop and actually prepare meals at home. They are absolute slobs. They take no pride in their surroundings being clean. They procrastinate. We all know people like this. It could even be you. If this is you, or you want to avoid getting caught in this mental trap, I have some good news. There is a flip side to this coin!

7. Adopt The Rich Mentality.

Okay, so we have covered the way of thinking that you should avoid at all costs. The poor mindset. Here is the alternative. The Rich Mindset. People with the rich mindset are the people who applaud and praise the success of others around them, instead of getting jealous. They are the people who live a life of fulfillment in the small things, but still think about the big picture. They have control of their life, because they choose to. Their home is always in good shape, because they feel better when their environment is clean and clear. They do not feel the need to use alcohol or drugs in excess, because they know how to find fulfillment in a way that involves connection with others, not from intoxication. Natural releases of endorphins. They work out, not just to stay in shape, but because they understand how much it impacts how they feel, and how exercising has been proven to release endorphins, and people that do it regularly are normally happier and more successful. When rich people are faced with a task, they do not procrastinate. They do it NOW. What a wonderful and helpful concept that is. I encourage you to try it. Whenever you realize you need to do something, whether it is the dishes, taking out the trash, or something work related, DO IT NOW. RIGHT NOW. Just do it! Get it done. Knock it out immediately. If you’re lazy, this can feel unnatural. Just give it a shot. I have a tendency to procrastinate, too. I can tell you that just freaking getting up and getting something done WILL give you a sense of accomplishment, even if it is a small one. Get the ball rolling, get in the zone, and get stuff done. Do some research on the daily habits of really successful people. I can tell you three things that you will find with almost all of them. They get up early (at least two hours before they have to report to work, but often even earlier), they read a lot to continuously educate themselves, and they work out multiple times a week. Why not try to do the things that the rich do? I guarantee you that you will feel more satisfaction than you do right now if you replicate the routines of successful people. Emulate those who you want to live like, and you’re one step closer to actually living like them.

8. Read.

When I say read, I am not limiting it to literally reading books. However, I strongly encourage you to do a lot of that, because most successful people like CEOs and other high power people read on average 60 non fiction books a year. What I am talking about is any form of education. Like I have said before, I do not mean Algebra or History. I am talking about learning ways to freaking do something with your life that you actually like. Learn things. Watch YouTube videos. Watch interviews of Billionaires. Watch videos of hard workers (Kobe Bryant comes to mind, one of the hardest workers ever). There are two main keys here. First of all, learn what successful people are doing, and do that. I am talking about adopting their daily habits. Do the things they do. Second, learn every day. Whether it is about something you find interesting, how to start a blog, how to make a website, how to be an affiliate of Amazon, how to drive people to your website, how to drop ship on Ebay, or how personal finance and the stock market work. Learn something every day that makes your life look better than it did yesterday. There is a nearly infinite amount of material on YouTube that can get you into ass kicking pumped up mode. Get there. Get to reading/watching. Get motivated.

9. Understand That… (In No Particular Order):

a. There’s a better way.
b. There’s no shame in admitting that you want to change.
c. There are a huge number of FREE ways to learn how to trade value with others for money.
d. This is not some voodoo magic formula. This is literally just changing the way you think, and learning.
e. If you are not happy with where you are, change it, and you have no excuse not to, because you have just learned how to.
f. If your version of making yourself feel better is trying to destroy other’s positivity, you should be back handed in the face, hard.
h. Everyone started somewhere.
i. It is going to be okay.
j. Most people that find financial success and happiness just think differently than most people.
k. Sweat for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week, or more.
l. Take responsibility for your actions in all situations.
m. Switch eating out for healthful home cooked meals.
n. No one has ever gotten wealthy because of their credit card rewards points.
o. Reading is cool.
p. Einstein called compound interest “The 8th Wonder Of The World”.
q. Start saving and investing as soon and young as possible, meaning NOW.
r. Treat savings like a bill, and pay yourself off the top.
s. You do not need to pay for a gym membership if you do not want to, just work up a sweat somewhere.
t. Get enough sleep.
u. Quit watching so much TV.
v. Quit spending so much money on stupid stuff.
w. Talk less, listen more.
x. Being always right is never going to happen, so quit trying, and realize that you do not know everything.
y. Take 10 minutes every day, doesn’t matter when, and meditate. You do not need to be on a mountain top or in a dojo. Just sit or lay somewhere comfortable, close your eyes, and breathe in and out deeply in 4 second intervals. This seriously works wonders.
z. Be kind to others. Smile back, hold the door, and quit being so absorbed with yourself. The world does not revolve around you.

Thank you so much for reading.


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